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Commuters are advised to check for road closures and plan ahead.  Road closures to look out for are:(Oregon from Downtown to Utep, Stanton, Paisano & Delta Dr., Executive & Sunland Park Rd., Transmountain & Loop 375)

Practice Rules of the Road and follow all traffic laws.  Ride defensively. For more information and questions regarding bicycle and transit commutes. Please email your questions to info@velopaso.org

Bike Lanes 

(from the city of El Paso)

What city streets have designated bicycle lanes?

The City of El Paso has dozens of streets with bicycle lanes. You can find streets with bicycle lanes online.

How can I request more bicycle lanes?

EPDoT installs and maintains bike lanes as part of its multi-modal transportation network. There are streets are currently designated for bike lanes. Bike lanes are installed based on appropriated funds. To request to have a street considered for a bike lane, please contact us at (915) 621-6750.

How can I report a bike lane that needs repairs or sweeping?

Requests for repairs or maintenance of bike lanes may be made online or by calling us at (915) 621-6750.
Neighborhood and School Crosswalks

How do I get a faded crosswalk in my neighborhood repainted?

If you see a faded crosswalk, make a service request online or call us (915) 621-6750. Once a report is made, EPDoT crews will determine if the crosswalk needs to be repainted or cleaned.

How do I request a crosswalk in my neighborhood?

If you would like a crosswalk in your neighborhood, you may file a request online or call us at (915) 621-6750. EPDoT will review your request and take the appropriate measures to determine if a crosswalk is warranted.

How do I request a school zone crosswalk?

Residents wanting a new school zone crosswalk must file a request with the school principal. If approved by the school, the principal will send a request to the El Paso Department of Transportation.

How long does it take for a school zone crosswalk to be installed in my neighborhood once a request is made?

Once a school official requests a school zone crosswalk, El Paso Department of Transportation engineers evaluate the request and study the area to see if a new school zone crosswalk is needed. The process can take up to 30 days.

Street Lights

 How do I report a city street light that is not working?

City street lights that illuminate neighborhoods that are not working or damaged may be reported to the El Paso Electric Company at (915) 543-5970. Request for repairs may also be made online through our department or by calling us at (915) 621-6750.

How do I get a city street light installed in my neighborhood?

Requests for a new city street light must be filed with the El Paso Department of Transportation at (915) 621-6750 or online.

How long does it take for a new city street light to get installed in my neighborhood once a request is made?
The time frame for each request is different since new street lights are installed based on available funding and support from residents who live near the proposed site for the street light.

Street Resurfacing

When is my street going to be resurfaced?

The number of streets resurfaced annually is based on funding allocated to the street resurfacing program. Funding levels are determined during the City’s budget process.

How can I request that my street get on the resurfacing program list?

If you feel your neighborhood street needs to be repaved, you may make a request online or by calling us at (915) 621-6750. EPDoT determines which streets may be resurfaced based on several factors including pavement condition, funding availability and public safety.

How are streets selected for resurfacing?

City streets are selected for resurfacing based on their condition. Learn more by visiting our Pavement Management Program site.

What streets are currently being resurfaced in El Paso?

A complete list of current street resurfacing projects can be found on our Helpful Resources and Links site.

Why aren’t the worst streets in El Paso on the street resurfacing list?

Streets are selected for resurfacing based on their condition. Streets that need more than just a new riding surface are considered candidates for the City’s street reconstruction program.

Street and Sidewalk Repairs

How do I report a pothole or a cracked street in my neighborhood?

If you spot a pothole, cracks or other damage on any city street surface, you can report it online or call us at (915) 621-6750.

How do I report damaged sidewalks or curbs in my neighborhood?

Under city regulations sidewalk repairs are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. However, the El Paso Department of Transportation makes sidewalk repairs when public health and safety is at risk. Requests for sidewalk repairs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You may request sidewalk repairs online. To find out more about the sidewalk repair process, call us at (915) 621-6750.

Traffic Calming Devices

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming is a way to design neighborhood streets, using physical measures, to encourage people to drive at or below the street limit. Speed humps, mini-circles and curb extensions are examples of traffic calming devices.

How do I report traffic concerns in my neighborhood?

Any concern regarding traffic in your neighborhood is addressed through the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. The overall goal of the NTMP is to reduce speeding and provide safe traffic conditions in neighborhood streets.

How can I get a speed hump, traffic circle or roundabout installed in my neighborhood?

In order to get speed humps, traffic circles, roundabouts and other traffic calming devices in your neighborhood, an NTMP application must be filed with our department. The application process includes a petition needed to show support for the application from your neighborhood. NTMP projects are based on traffic studies determining if a traffic calming device is warranted and on available funding resources.

Learn more by visiting the City Neighborhood Traffic Management Program site or by calling the El Paso Department of Transportation at (915) 621-6750.

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