First off, these rules are derived from medical, scientific, and health professionals - and while some people talk about "reopening our community" our commitment is to the health and safety of the entire community.  This means, no in person interactions, as these can have potentially dire consequences via the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We take #SocialDistancing very seriously.

1.  No in person interactions!  While we encourage you to get out an walk or ride, so long as the potential to spread COVID-19 remains, any interactions with others should be at a distance.  For this reason, we do not specify a time or place to ride, that's up to you.

2.  Rides should start and end at home.  This means you also need to take everything you need with you - snacks, drinks, tools, etc. - to avoid making any stops where you might come in close contact with others, including unnecessary trips to the grocery or corner store.  We are, after all, trying to stop the spread of this virus.

3.  Don't leave any trash behind.  If you stop for snacks, a drink, or to take your selfie, make sure you you take everything with you and leave nothing behind for the next selfie champ.  You wouldn't want to have to deal with someone else's trash, would you?  Let's keep out community as clean as we keep our hands.

4.  Masks are very highly recommended!!  Keep it on.  Keep your social distance, and for goodness sake, no riding in groups, or group pictures!  You can ride with those who live in your residence, but that's the only exception!

Follow these rules, post your selfies on social media, use the appropriate hashtags like #BikeMonth2020 and #RideSolo and we will enter you into our special "Challenge."  If you don't follow the rules, not only do you risk spreading the virus, but we might be forced to withdraw you from the "Challenge."

...Oh, and be warned, we might end up using your selfies on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
#RideSafe, keep #SocialDistancing and #RideSolo!

Check out VeloPaso's upcoming Social Distancing Rides at http://www.velopaso.org/rides

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