Over the past few months the Bike Share program has been on and off again due to issues over funding, but it looks like a solution may soon be at hand! Once again, Velo Paso is asking for your support to help make our Bike Share a reality, by attending the MPO’s Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting and showing your support for this new funding plan. El Paso MPO Transportation Policy Board Meeting Friday, November 1, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. El Paso MPO Office, 10767 Gateway Blvd. West, Suite 605, El Paso, Texas 79935 As always, you can show your support by contacting the members of the TPB via mgranados@elpasompo.org at the MPO offices, and tell them you support funding for El Paso’s bike share. Sample letter: Dear Transportation Policy Board member: Thank you for your continued support for the Bike Share program. Over the past several months you have demonstrated time and again that El Paso is ready for a robust Bike Share program, and I respectfully ask that you once again demonstrate your support the new funding plan to ensure El Paso gets the program you have been voting for, and El Paso deserves. Bike Share programs reduce both congestion and air pollution, serve as an economic catalyst for local businesses, and, in the long term, lead to innumerable savings in health care costs. Bike Share programs are becoming the next form of public transportation, as commonplace as buses, light rails and subways. El Paso will also earn the notable distinction of launching the first bike share system in the Southwest, an achievement we should all be proud of. On November 1, 2013, please vote once again to ensure El Paso gets a properly funded bike share. Please feel free to personalize the letter and add why bike share is important to you.

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