Is it time to FOCUS on transportation, development & livability choices made by US? FOCUS Developing a Comprehensive Multimodal Transportation System in El Paso Cultivates a balance of Economic Prosperity, Livability, Transportation Choice, Health and Happiness in our community. By developing a more robust, balanced, and equitable transportation system in El Paso Del Norte, the region has the opportunity to cultivate its balance of economic prosperity, livability, transportation choice, health and happiness. As the pedestrian bicycle organization for El Paso Del Norte region, Velo Paso understands this and is working to promote and support efforts to advance work on a comprehensive transit system and bicycle highway network to connect the region from Sierra Blanca TX to Hatch NM. We encourage ALL citizens of El Paso to reach out to candidates and tell them to support sound transportation investments. bq. Historically, people have chosen to relocate based on where they had the best chance at finding employment. As we move forward, however, it will increasingly become the case that businesses will choose to locate themselves in areas that have the strongest workforce for their respective industries. We cannot allow the region to fall behind cities such as Minneapolis, Phoenix and Charlotte, which are proactively planning for rapidly evolving transportation and economic needs.” Will you FOCUS on livability, walkability and streets planned for people? Let the candidates know what you want! Candidates for City office are: Representative, District 1 Richard C. Bonart Bertha A. Gallardo Manuel J. Hinojosa Daniel Lopez Peter Svarzbein Albert Weisenberger Representative, District 5 Michiel R. Noe Rosa Maria Cabrera Representative, District 6 Claudia Ordaz Michael Pickett Representative, District 8 Cortney Carlisle Niland Joshua Dagda

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