Before 2012, I never really gave bicycling a second thought as an adult. During my commute to work, I’d often see a bicyclist here or there but nothing that particularly caught my attention. On a personal level, I hadn’t even learned how to ride a bicycle until I was 14 years old and even then my learning curve with riding bikes was incredibly sloppy. I remember that at one point, I thought I had mastered the art of balancing on two wheels, so I took my borrowed, crooked old Schwinn cruiser up a steep hill and figured I’d coast down with ease. Let’s just say the bike did make it down the hill – but without me on it. Suddenly life happens. You get a job, a family, a car. Leisurely activities like bicycling become a ghost of the past and for many just a fond childhood memory. For me, the reinvigorated passion for bicycling as an adult came about through the tragedy of a busted Pontiac G6 engine. I was given a cheap mountain bike for free and luckily for me, I live and work Downtown so commuting was no issue. Read Full Article HERE

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